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Feed Management

Retail API Feeds

API feeds give you the ability to take your one inventory source and send that inventory information to all of the platforms that you wish to have your products on. We have partnered with a world class company to offer this service. This gives you access to the marketplaces without having to work through buyers saving time and driving efficiencies. Your inventory will always be in stock as long as you have goods in the warehouse. This connection offers over 150+ marketplaces including Amazon, Walmart, Target +, Macy’s, Instagram, Facebook.

You will control where your products are and capture your consumers information, all while driving more profits through the OutsourcedIn solution. This will offer you the ability to better target trending markets, rendering more value to your consumer and allowing them to better connect with your brand. 

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Efficient Consumption

Data synchronization along with API feeds are sent in a manner that each retail marketplace receives that information in a way that drives higher ranking and efficient consumption. What does that mean for your products? It simply means that your items will get pushed further up in ranking because they are delivered to the marketplace in the most effective and efficient way, driving more sales and cutting down error creation. Our system will automatically work to fix any errors that are generated to make sure that your items are sellable. 

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SEO Optimization

SEO is often confusing and a misunderstood concept. We have been able to partner with a world class team that will help to simplify your marketing efforts. This service will help to streamline feed optimization, product listings, and data synchronization on hundreds of paid search platforms, social media, and affiliate channels. This helps to better optimize your marketing efforts and allows you to compete on the top shopping destinations. With changing standards, when it comes to optimizing your data on each channel, you would have previously needed a dedicated team. Our solution will optimize the data for you automatically.

This service is offered independently of an entire solution. 

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