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Direct to consumer solved

Are you confused or frustrated when looking into building out a direct-to-consumer site, and unsure how you will source a facility that can handle your drop ship needs?

These exact questions are the reason OutsourcedIn create the solution. With years of experience in e-commerce working along manufacturers just like you, we realized that the complexity that existed was limiting growth and costing more time and money than originally budgeted. Often time the solution was limiting and “worked” yet truly wasn’t scalable on all fronts. 

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Supported Control

Our solution has created the right technology that not only gives your consumers a world-class, modern website, the backend is fully integrated to your internal systems. Alleviating your need to upgrade or change your current internal system. This provides you with a modern solution that allows expansion and growth with the ever-changing technology. Our team fully supports the integration of our solution to your internal systems by monitoring and troubleshooting any issues or concerns. 

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Future today

The other component that is becoming increasingly important in e-commerce today is who owns the data of your consumers. Are you able to look at trends geographically to better target your consumers? Are you able to re-sell your customers and engage with them at a high level? With our solution it automatically captures this data on your D2C site or with the API feeds that we offer. Giving you full control and touch with your consumers. This will increasingly become more important for your business and give you the power to control your destiny in the digital commerce space. You will become better at engaging and marketing to your actual target audience pushing your marketing dollars further and creating a bigger impact.  You can re-sell your current customers and keep them up to date on all your new products and promotions.

Through our research, we have found one out of every seven orders is going D2C and that number is predicted to grow exponentially over the next 2 years compared to the traditional retail e-commerce model. Our solution positions you to take advantage of this growth.

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The entire picture end to end

There are numerous ways to create a site out there and we are well aware of that. What we are offering is the entire system, that way not only do you have a site that is world class and can handle any type of volume, you will have the entire backend handled from day one, alleviating the need for a fully dedicated team. We are starting with the end in mind.

With any site in the marketplace it is only as powerful as your ability to deliver on shipping and drive traffic to the site. We can integrate to your warehouse, yet if you don’t have a warehouse and need third party warehousing we offer that as well. 

Customizable Templates

Here are a few examples of what a modern website looks like showcasing a simple layout of the site. This gives you a custom build at a fraction of the market price.

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Profitability maximized

The benefits of a robust solutions for your direct to consumer site is that you will be keeping a much larger portion of the profits, and be able to scale into that piece of your business. For each dollar you will be keeping roughly 4-6x compared to the traditional retail
e-commerce channels. This will allow you to put more money back into development and marketing, driving more value and increasing sales. 

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